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DataBricks Developer

Location: Remote

Alltech is an award winning provider of IT services with nationwide project capabilities. Since 1994, Alltech’s focus on quality support to the Federal Government and Government Integrators has led it to become a leader in the Federal Services marketplace.


Business Master File Modernization (BMF Mod) is one of multiple programs created to modernize the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) the legacy Tax processing systems and is critical to the IRS IT Application Development (AD) and IRS IT Enterprise Service (ES) organizations’ goal to support the objectives of the IRS IT Modernization Business Plan.  BMF Mod’s initiative will modernize IRS systems and processes, improve taxpayer experience, increase voluntary compliance, and reduce the Service’s reliance on costly and unsustainable legacy technology. 


Provide support and assistance to design, development, integrate, test, and deploy a modernized BMF platform and also support day-to-day Operations & Maintenance (O&M) work based on IRS priorities. Provide for project management, O&M, development, modernization, enhancements, software development, legislative changes, and developmental O&M upgrades. 


7+ years hands on experience working in AWS cloud platform & utlizing cloud technologies.       

7+ years experience in designing and implementing scalable and secure AWS cloud solutions using Databricks platform.        

7+ years of expert level designing and architect solutions in AWS Databricks platform.     

US Citizen or Green card holder 


 Good experience on Databricks and Tableau.        

IRS EDP Databricks platform experience.         

IRS Analytical platform experience.  


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